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thanks for the suggestion, we will take it into account.

Best, Carolin

that's exactly the answer that I need =) thanks

Ok, thanks. And I forgot to ask for the name of your email provider =)

Hi, danke für den Vorschlag, ich werde ihn bei der nächsten Besprechung mit ins Team nehmen.

Viele Grüße!


has it been like that, since you downloaded the app, or just since the last update? And since when are you using the app?

Please provide also the following information: Current app version in use, operating system, phone brand and model.

You can also send this information to

Thank you!


presently it is not possible to add images to the email signature within the app. If you would like to answer emails with an image based signature you need to do that from the desktop version of the all suite.


we offer the next best solution =) if you tap on the menu you should see a plus symbol next to your avatar, where you can add additional accounts. That way you can access all your email accounts, if though not at the same time.

All the best!

Hi Maribel,

can you tell me more about your phone (like model, operating system version) and which app version you use. Then we'll try to reproduce the problem

Hi Maribel,

if you use iOS then you have to connect your device with the mail app within the mail app settings to access the calendar. If you use Android you need to download an additional app - OX Sync - which will allow the connection between your native calendar and the mail app.

I hope I could help =)

Ok, in that case: who Is your email provider, and are you using Android or iOS? Because in iOS its not below, but on the right side of the screen, but in your case it sounds like your provider has not activated that feature in which case you won't be able to add a second account.