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Hallo Janob,

danke für deinen Kommentar. Dein Feature Wunsch ist bereits auf der Roadmap.

Falls du weitere Vorschläge hast, freue ich mich, davon zu erfahren.

Viele Grüße,


i.A.v. Robert


thank you for your comment and please excuse the late reply.

The requested feature is already on the roadmap, but unfortunately OX Mail does not support OX Guard integration yet.

Apart from this, I hope you enjoy using OX Mail and please don't hesitate, if you have any other questions.


on behalf of Robert

Thanks for the suggestion. We will add features that a geared more towards power users at a later point, but of course users can vote here to change our plans :-)

The push message opens the relevant email in most cases now. However, in a cold start scenario only the list of mails is still shown. Will update once it is working fully.

This is now fixed in the public release :-)

Yes, this is the current behavior. Background refresh is in the roadmap, but this is not yet scheduled. Problem is that on iOS there are no background services so we have to rely on 'silent notifications' which in turn are not guaranteed to be delivered. Also an app has at max 30 seconds runtime, which makes updates difficult in bad network situtations.

Thanks Russ, the funny thing is that they sometimes work, e.g. when you write  a new message. We are aware of this issue but have not yet nailed it down.

Great, thanks for the confirmation! Note that we have found another issue with push messages, since they seem to miss some required data so that we can load the message details on iOS. We are aware about that and research the root cause.