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The app sends 3 notifications when a single email is delivered to me.

jeasona.h 11 months ago updated by Ryan 4 months ago 6

I dont know if this is something you can fix but it happens with no other app. 

Under review


has it been like that, since you downloaded the app, or just since the last update? And since when are you using the app?

Please provide also the following information: Current app version in use, operating system, phone brand and model.

You can also send this information to oxmail-feedback@open-xchange.com

Thank you!

I started using the app yesterday and i have and iphone 7 running ISO 13.3.1 the app version is 2.18.0(26) 

Ok, thanks. And I forgot to ask for the name of your email provider =)

Ummmmm im bough the domain from namecheap im not sure if thats the answer you need though :s


that's exactly the answer that I need =) thanks

I am having the same issue.  I started using the app a few days ago.  On iPhone 11.  iOS 13.6.1.  Also with a name cheap domain.   I am recieving 4-5 notifications per each event.  It’s very annoying.  But I wanted to try the native app for the service our company uses,  instead of outlook....  :(