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Customize Mobileview Menus

Jan S. 2 years ago updated by Carolin 2 years ago 1

The OX mobile view is great. With mobile view I mean the normal AppSuite opened on a smartphone browser.

Unfortunately some functoins were stripped (because of limited screenspace I think)

For example it is not possible to send an email with another sender alias cause the dropdpwn is missing.

Another thing not possible is to create a reminder of an email, cause the item in the context menu is missing (but I am not sure if there are more challenges with that).

The desktop view

the mobile view

I understand that some people find other menu points more important than other people, so it would be great if one could customize the mobile view a bit. Selecting the most important options for one self, like it can be done for the navigation bar in the app suite.

Under review

Hello Jan,

thank you for your detailed feedback. I will forward your message to our colleagues responsible for OX App Suite.

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