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complains that valid recipients are invalid

daY 2 years ago updated by Carolin 2 years ago 3

The app incorrectly complains that valid recipients like "First Name <email@example.com>" are invalid email addresses.
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does this error also occur, when you only enter email@example.com without the brackets and without the name?

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It does work if I remove the display name (e.g. address it to email@example.com). However, the display name (in quotes) followed by the email address in angel brackets is an extremely well established internet standard. It works in every other email client, including the OX web interface.

"First Name" <email@example.com>

Thank you. Yes, you are very right in expecting this from the app. I just wanted to know that to determine the issue. Could you please tell me: brand and model of your smartphone, current version of your operating system and current version of our app that is installed on your phone. Plus, if you have used previous versions of our app: since when does that problem occur?

In case you don't like to post that information here, you can as well send an email to oxmail-feedback@open-xchange.com, in that case please reference this thread.