Please share your ideas for the OX Mail app for both Android and iOS.


Please add PGP support

Anonymous 1 year ago 0

Please support PGP in OX Mail. 


archive, pgp, send later

notmymail 2 years ago 0


here are some features I’m missing:

archive mails instead of the default deletion/ let us choose which one we would prefer (similar to Apple mail)

send mails later

pgp support

Performance and design looks great on my iPad Pro 

Thank you :)


Add support for several email accounts

robert.virkus 3 years ago 0

It would be good to have multiple account support, so that I can access my private mail, too.


I keep receiving 'server being maintained " message

murphy 1 year ago updated by Carolin 1 year ago 14
Carolin 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

thank you for your alerts and engagement, the issue should be solved by now.

Best regards

Under review

allow to delete single email of thread

Siegfried 2 years ago updated by Carolin 2 years ago 1

currently it seems that it is not possible to delete a single email belonging to a thread. There is even a warning when you open one of the thread emails in detail view and try to delete it.
Why is that?
Please allow to seperate and delete emails that are summarized to threads.
There are often wrong or double emails (by the sender) that I want to clear out but I can't.

Thank you!
Carolin 2 years ago

Hello Siegfried,

thank you for your suggestion. You are right, deleting single mails from a thread is currently not possible. We will consider this in our next roadmap planning session.

Kind regards,



Plaintext view

Anonymous 3 months ago 0

Allow same option as in webmail (turn off html emails).


The ability to toggle between different accounts for those who have more than 1 email account with this service without having to log out

Daryl 3 months ago updated by ITfee 1 week ago 1

To be able to switch to a different account for those who have more than 1 account with this service without having to log out

Under review

Great app, but dark mode would be really nice ;)

Anonymous 6 months ago updated by Carolin 6 months ago 1
Carolin 6 months ago


thank you for the suggestion. The feature is already in progress =)

Under review

Conversation/thread listing opt out.

Mark 2 years ago updated by Carolin 2 years ago 1

Hi, it would be nice to be able to opt out from “conversation/thread” style listings so you can review all emails in one list. Many thanks


Let user logout

robert.virkus 3 years ago 0

Allow users to logout from the service. Currently you need to deinstall the app to logout.